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What is the Negative Neutral Zone?

Many of the events that swirl around our life each day often seem to be more negative than positive.  Fair and Balanced seems to have taken on a new meaning than we might have expected only a short while ago.    What has happened to the days when we would hear more about  the positive aspects of life?   Why does it seem that doom and gloom seem to be lurking just around the next corner?  Maybe these factors are in our life because we fail to find a place where we focus only on the best that exists within everyone.  Maybe what we need is some type of safe zone.  A place where only the best that is happening, only the best that is within each of us are discussed.  If you feel that is the case, you have arrived!  Making certain that these positive aspects of our life are emphasized and brought forth is the purpose of The Negative Neutral Zone!


A few years back, my son James and I had a radio show in Davenport Iowa.  This show was broadcast on WOC-AM a Quad Cities Area radio station.  It  covered the cities of Bettendorf, Rock Island and Moline.  Four beautiful cities that line the bank of the Mississippi.  These four cities form the “Quad Cities” and thus the name.  Our half-hour early Saturday morning radio show  was called Quad City Business Radio.  James and I began this show with the hope of highlighting some of the business in the Quad Cities area.  When we began the show, many wondered what we would have to talk about that would be of interest to a wide and diverse audience.  It wasn’t long before stories about local businesses began to come from all corners of the cities. There were stories of how these various local businesses began.  We learned about the personal sacrifice these owners made to succeed against the odds. Many of these stories had never been heard by the people of the community even though they had shopped or used the services of many of these companies.  As the show progressed, the topics moved from businesses to other types of organizations in the area and then on to local citizens that were doing  wonderful things.  The Governor of Iowa, Terry Branstad was  interviewed on our show.  We didn’t interview him about what tax plan he was proposing or how he might propose to fix roads but rather, we talked about how he grew up, when he first become interested in politics and how his teachers influenced his life.  In other words, we talked about who he was.  We realized through this endeavor how much people were thirsty for this type of information.  The real human understanding of the dad who struggled to start a business, of the child who became inspired to become a governor and of many more who did what needed to be done.

People within the city loved the show as was witnessed by the many letters, phone calls and personal comments.  We had many listeners.  The local paper did a major story on what we were doing.  Then after a year, James and I both moved from the Quad Cities.  I moved to Atlanta where it was warmer and James moved to Des Moines.  With us both gone, the show had to come to an end.  Many asked me at the time, and still do today, why we don’t do the show again.  I would love to, but the logistics are somewhat difficult.


Quad Cities Business Radio was initially James’ idea.  He came to me to suggest a radio show, and is often the case, I jumped to conclusions and we had the on-air radio show. he told me later that he had envisioned a web based internet show.    A few week ago, I began thinking about his initial idea.  Why not revive the idea and begin this site?  We had often talked about the fact that if we continued with Quad City Business Radio we might call it The Negative Neutral Zone … in other words a place where there could be no NEGATIVE messages!  We could still talk about business.  We could even talk about business principles but only in a positive way.    Well, this is the beginning of that show!

Provide Show Ideas

So here it is a beginning.  Now all we need is what everyone needs, material.  I have on this site shows we did as part of Quad Cities Business Radio.  Won’t you help us identify those stories that are positive and uplifting that we can place here for others to enjoy on the NNZ Broadcast website?  If so, please click here and complete our contact us form.



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